Technology and Learning Fund (TLF): Innovation Research Project Artefacts

As part of the Innovation Research in 2015/ 2016 and in 2016/2017 school boards were asked to provide artefacts that demonstrated aspects of their projects.

Artefacts are in English or French depending on the school board.

Each artefact package contains a narrative description of the project with links to supporting material in PDF, PowerPoint, Excel and video format. Red text in the narrative indicates a link.

Please note that PDF and video files will display. PowerPoint and Excel documents are downloads.

The artefact packages can be accessed by:

      a) Specific Board: Enter a full name, partial name or acronym into the Board field then click the Search button.
      b) All Reports on a Specific Topic: Select from the Key Words selection list then click the Search button.
      c) All Reports for a Given Round: Select either Round 5 or Round 6 from the Round selection list then click the Search button.
      d) Combined Search Criteria: Select criteria such a topic and a round then click the Search button.

When the search results are a single board, the board narrative displays right away. When the search finds multiple boards they are displayed in list form along with their Key Words.


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